Alleged Welsh Drug Mule Adam Brown Deported From Dubai After 17 Months Jail Time

Adam Brown grassed on everyone claims, sister of brother who was sentenced to 25 years in Dubai.

Adam Brown from Merthyr Tydfil turned supergrass to get himself out of jail in Dubai, claims the sister of one man sentenced to 25 years.

Brown was deported back to the UK after spending 17 months in jail.

The failed businessman and struck-off local councillor in Merthyr Tydfil was jailed after being caught by the police in Dubai with large amounts of cocaine.

Now Rebbeca Price, the sister of one of those banged-ups, has come forward to claim and reveal Adam Brown turned supergrass whilst in jail.

She has also informed that his version of events is a complete fable of what happened.

‘He grassed up my brother and many others to get himself off the hook’, said Rebecca.

‘ I’ve watched his claims on YouTube of his innocence, and they are total lies; he worked with the authorities to do a deal for a reduced sentence, and he grassed my brother up, leaving him doing a 25-year sentence whilst Brown was deported back to the UK.

‘That’s why he doesn’t name my brother in his videos, as he doesn’t want anyone contacting us and finding out the truth’.

It comes after many residents in South Wales thought it strange that Brown only served 17 months for drug offences in Dubai.

Browns Innocence Claims

Brown, after being deported, claimed he was found innocent but soon contradicted himself when later he was charged with possession.

Regarding his deportation, when questioned, people asked why he was deported if he was found not guilty.  He responded, ‘ It’s just how they do things.’

However, that’s not the case, according to the British Embassy in Dubai.

Shortly, Rebbeca Price will be giving an exclusive interview to reveal what Adam Brown did as he grassed up the drug dealers he was connected and working with.