Leigh Brookfield A DJ In South Wales Urinated On The Back Of A Man With Prostrate Cancer.

DJ Leigh Brookfield thought it would be funny to film himself urinating on the back of an elderly man suffering from prostate cancer.

Brookfield, who was in the men’s toilet, stood beside the elderly man in the urinal section.

As the pair started a conversation, the elderly man told the Llanelli DJ he was suffering from prostate cancer.

Despite this, Brookfield aimed his penis up the back of the cancer sufferer and urinated up his back, whilst holding his mobile phone in his other hand and filming as he did so.

He did it again to ensure he got it on film before uploading the video on social media.

However, the video has gone viral across Wales, leaving thousands of people disgusted by his actions, with many people outraged, including the father’s son, who is now hunting down the Welsh DJ.

The video, which is too foul to publish, remains on Facebook, although the Llanelli-based DJ has removed himself from social media since the incident.

Local people in Wales who had booked the DJ are now cancelling after witnessing the disgusting actions.

Kacey Lee posted after witnessing the video:

‘ Wow, Leigh Brookfield, I just took you off all my socials; you will not be the DJ at my engagement party now.

‘A man telling you about his illness, and you pi** on him.

‘You physically disgusting man’

Global247news attempted to get hold of the DJ, but it appears he’s gone into hiding.