Scroungers in Pontyclun, South Wales, Take Advantage of a Kind Free Christmas Meal Offer.

Residents in Pontyclun, a small village between Cardiff and Swansea in South Wales, are mortified after discovering they have been the victims of Xmas lunch scroungers.

Kind residents took to social media when guests hadn’t arrived for their Christmas dinner and offered those who were unfortunate not to be able to afford lunch to come and collect the spare ones available.

The kind Welsh hospitality, though, was abused by scabs collecting the dinners and then trying to sell them on.

At one stage, several residents were making the same kind of offer, with one even suggesting to organise taxis to deliver if people couldn’t collect.

Although it transpired, the takers had been scrounging off everyone and even selling dinners to the elderly in the Welsh Valleys.

Lovely Free Dinners Offered On Christmas Day

One of those kind-hearted Pontyclun residents, Sara Platt, returned to social media to express her disappointment, posting:

‘Hi guys, I put a post up yesterday as I had food left over. I was contacted by a mum who said she didn’t have anything etc for her and her four children. I’ve found out that after many people rallied around and gave her food, snacks and money, she didn’t tell us the whole truth. I’m so so very sorry to find this out; I’ve also found out that she had inboxed a lot of people asking for money for gas, electricity and more food when a lot was given yesterday and today, so please can everyone refrain from donating anymore to them thanks so much, Xmas is for giving  not conning I’m gutted.’

One resident contacted Global247news to highlight the situation, saying ‘ Scabby b@stards have been coming down to Pontyclun on the scrounge and taking advantage of the villager’s good nature; it’s not right, and they have been seen on Facebook advertising the dinners for sale for £8!’

‘ It seems the saying of nothing better than a free lunch is true if you are flogging them on!’ he stormed.