A Greater Anglia Ticket Inspector Picks On SAS War Hero.

An overzealous train ticket inspector stunned passengers in Colchester as he confronted an ex-SAS war hero.

The war veteran boarded the local train at Colchester for the short ride to the nearby station, Colchester Town.

Passengers were stunned when an overzealous ticket inspector of Polish origin asked to see the war hero’s ticket.

An eyewitness to the confrontation told Global247news:

‘ The inspector was obviously on commission; he went to the old man and asked for his ticket, which he provided.

‘He then said to the former soldier – ‘You have just purchased that ticket,’ to which he replied, ‘ Yes, I have, as I have just got on the train too.’

‘The inspector then asked well, how did you get through the station barrier? to which the main calmly said ‘Walked through it.’

‘ Then the inspector questioned the £1.25 ticket and asked for the gentleman’s railcard, to which he provided a war veterans railcard; the inspector then took the man’s phone and said it wasn’t valid because it wasn’t on the correct APP.

‘The old man, who looked about 65, said, ‘I don’t know, my daughter loads these things for me onto my phone’, and the inspector said, well, it’s invalid, so I am issuing you a £100 fine’.

‘He then asked for his name and address and passed him a notepad. The elderly man said no problem and asked the inspector to hold his coffee while filling it in. The inspector said no; he said he wasn’t allowed to hold his coffee cup.

‘Then that’s when the man got annoyed; he told the inspector, you are now trying to wind me up. I can’t fill in your form because you can’t hold my coffee, which costs more than the ticket. ‘Just call the police, please.’

‘He was trying, you could see, to remain calm; he walked away from the inspector, saying, ‘Don’t push me any further; you need to call the police for your safety. My railcard may state veteran, but I am trained to kill, and you are attempting to wind me up with your harassment; you are a jobsworth trying to milk me of a £100.’

‘He then went to take a photo of the inspector but was told it was illegal to take photos on a train!  – So we all started taking photos of him as it was a complete farce; how the man never punched him, I don’t know. It was pure harassment.

‘He got off the train and calmly walked down the platform; I ran after him and asked him if he was ok and how he kept calm.

‘He invited me to go for a Christmas beer with him, and I did; he showed me evidence of how he was in the SAS and one of the soldiers in the Iranian Embassy siege and also Peterhead Prison, where they saved a prison guard on the prison roof, he told me that the prisoners had taken the guard hostage.

‘He told me he was trained to stay calm even when provoked as he was; he was now retired and lived quietly in Somerset. He was such a lovely man, but the train inspector should be sacked for treating one of our war heroes like this.