A group of Ukrainian Carol Singers have gone around Yeovil singing carols to residents to say thank you.

Ukrainian carol singers who fled the war in their country have taken to the streets of Yeovil in appreciation of the hospitality the town’s residents demonstrated to them.

Many homeowners have invited them in to sing their festive carols as they walk the area, spreading festive cheer.

The first home they visited was Sue, a school assistant for Radio Cabs, who assists those children who need assistance getting to school.

‘ We chose Sue first as she helps so many; she’s a warm, kind-hearted lady who will help anyone; one of our party now lives next door to her and her husband Graham, and she has been so welcoming. to the parents, daughter and children from Sumy in Ukraine.’ said leader Pavel.

‘ We heard she’s a fantastic lady and does so many good things for everyone.

‘We are delighted to sing for her and Graham, a special Yeovil lady.’

Sue was overwhelmed as at least 30 Carol Singers had entered her home. Struggling for words, choking back the tears, she said: ‘It’s made my Christmas, it was beautiful, all those little children singing to me in Ukrainian and English, it’s melted my heart.

‘I’m stuck for words, unlike me’, she laughed.

Olena from the group said: ‘We are so grateful to the people of Yeovil. They have taken us into their community in our hour of need,  and we will be forever grateful – my family were living in a bomb shelter, and the people of Somerset have been so welcoming it’s the least we can do is sing them our carols.