Brother Of Ian ‘Jimmy’ Danforth hits out – disgusted by his brother’s actions of harbouring a paedophile for cash.

Chris Danforth, the elder brother of Ian ‘Jimmy’ Danforth, has given an exclusive interview to Global247news after reading about his brother’s actions of harbouring paedophile Geoff Highfield of Rowan Way Yeovil.

Highfield, who has been exposed as a sex monster who raped and tortured school girls as young as 14, is being protected from the law by Ian ‘Jimmy’ Danforth in the hope of obtaining a £500,000 windfall when the paedophile, now in his 80s, passes away, as previously reported.

Now Chris Danforth, a well-known popular figure around Yeovil, has come forward with more revelations whilst also expressing his disgust regarding his sibling.

Chris Danforth, now residing in Newark, contacted Global247news after reading his brother’s actions to give an exclusive insight into his brother’s actions.

‘ I’m disgusted by Ian; what human being could look at the man who raped and sexually tortured your partner.

‘ He not only looks at him but he’s been having him around his partner’s house while she’s out doing building work.

‘ He’s had Highfield spend over £8,000 on the garden and a new summerhouse whilst knowing that he raped his partner and sexually and mentally tortured her between the ages of 14 to 19.

‘ He must be playing on Highfield’s guilt and milking him of cash rather than ensuring a paedophile is turned over to the law.

‘ It’s appalling, and he’s a total disgrace to the Danforth name, but sadly, this is not the first time he’s acted this way for money.

Former Serviceman Chris Danforth only received £9750 from Brother out of the £120,000 house sale.

‘ Before my father passed away, he told me he was leaving the family home to Ian & myself, and my two daughters; when he sadly passed, the house was sold for £120,000 – Ian, being in Yeovil, dealt with the will, all I received from the sale from Ian was £9,750 – he claimed that was all that was left after paying bills. He’s never provided me with any proof.

‘He will do anything for cash; sadly, this is another example,’ Chris said.

The elder brother then gave his thoughts on how his younger brother ended up in the current situation.

‘ Look, he was down and out; his last girlfriend had kicked him out; he was a bordering if not alcoholic without two pennies to his name.

‘He played on it with Highfield’s victim; she’s a very vulnerable girl after all she has been through. She felt sorry for him, and he soon moved in as a ‘lodger.’

‘ I know he still owes his ex-wife money from their divorce. Thankfully, though they never had children, he undoubtedly thought he landed on his feet in a lovely home owned by the victim, recovering from cancer and soon announced they were a couple after ousting the previous boyfriend, Geoff Parker.

‘ She confides with him about Highfield’s awful actions towards herself, and he milks the situation. Any ordinary man would want to kill him after what he had done, but not Ian; he just smells the cash.

‘ He’s told others that’s also his plan; it’s all about money; he doesn’t care. There is a paedophile still walking the streets undetected and unregistered, let alone that this monster tortured his partner for years.

‘It’s sick, totally sick, and quite honestly, she’s a fool to go along with it, but he’s convinced her obviously,’ Chris continued.

Chris then added a further twist to the sordid situation. he said:

‘Ian never wanted children of his own; he hates children; he was always strange as a child, a bit odd; for instance, he would parachute his live pets out the bedroom window, not caring if they died. He would tie them to an action-man parachute and launch them out the window; our Mum would go mad with him; he was always a bit of an oddball.

‘Now I’ve heard that he has a secret gay lover in Newton Abbot – that would explain things.

‘ Geoff, the former boyfriend of the victim, was told that by her when he found ‘Jimmy’ around the house when he came back from walking his dog.’

‘He’s dead to me after all this; he’s no brother of mine; in my opinion, he’s robbed me out of my inheritance, and now he’s chasing a £500,000 windfall protecting and working with a sick sex monster; I warn the girl in question to kick him out. Before the sponger gets away with it.’

‘She’s fell hook, line, and sinker for his plan, and why does she want to live with a man who she claims is gay? He will rinse her financially,’ Chris finished.

It’s understood more revelations are coming forward regarding paedophile Highfield, with one victim currently making a civil claim in the High Court.

Meanwhile, a former neighbour of Highfield’s has told Global247news:

‘ When I heard about his actions, I wasn’t that surprised; he was a manipulative man who controlled his wife Slyvia; she wasn’t allowed to go out alone apart from work. I also remember seeing the victim always collected by him from school, even in her teens; I always thought it was very odd; later on, you could tell she was showered in gifts from Highfield, and now I guess he was buying her silence.

‘He did leave his wife and moved away with another woman but returned after the victim had left home and resumed life again with Sylvia; it was all bizarre; he was a very creepy man; from what I’ve read, he should be behind bars for his crimes.’

‘I hope the law finally catches up with him, but if they are cashing in instead of ensuring he’s dealt with, then it leaves more children at risk; paedophiles don’t change.’