Yeovil Parents Concerned About Yeovil Paedophile Geoff Highfield.

Parents in Yeovil are very concerned about paedophile Geoff Highfield, who still lives at the location of many of his sex abuse attacks.

Highfield, who raped and sexually abused schoolgirls, still resides at 65 Rowan Way in Yeovil, Somerset.

School Girl Rapist Geoff Highfield

Now, parents along Rowan Way and surrounding areas are very concerned that the paedophile could still strike again, although he is now in his early eighties.

At one stage, Highfield did move away after committing many sexual attacks, leaving behind his wife for another woman, although he returned several years later. It’s not known if he offended whilst fleeing Yeovil.

Although the paedophile has been exposed whilst facing a legal case, parents in the area have expressed their worries, especially at Christmas.

One resident just a few doors down from Highfield said: ‘ We don’t want him in our road, and I have warned my daughters not to pass his house. It’s disgusting what he’s done, and it’s just as disgusting that Ian (Jimmy) Danforth is covering up for him for the sake of money; in my book, he’s as bad.

‘If I see either of them, I will have a word.’

Another resident wants to warn parents about the Christmas attractions outside the paedophile’s house.

She told Global247news: ‘ The problem is children are going down to look at the giant Christmas tree outside of the child abuser house,  it’s opposite the road, but I have seen him looking out his front window at the young children. I don’t care how old he is now, he’s still fit and active, and anyone who can rape and abuse schoolgirls will always be a danger to society.