Bomb threats close schools across Spain

A malicious email triggered the closure of 18 schools across Spain, including Pontevedra, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Reus, Tarragona, Villareal, and Castellon.

A worrying pattern marked each incident. Every school received an email warning of ‘explosives inside the school’, as reported by Spanish media. This disturbing development echoes a recent evacuation at the French Lycee of El Campello, prompted by a threatening message.

The affected institutions, from the mainland to the Canary Islands, were all international educational centres.

In Tarragona, the Mossos confirmed that the bomb threat received by three schools was a false alarm. These schools, including the Liceo Frances of Reus, the Jigsaw British School of Catllar, and the Socrates Educa International School of Salou, underwent evacuations and thorough checks. Once it was clear that there was no threat, normal activities resumed.

The Lycee français Moliere in Zaragoza was among the institutions receiving the alarming email this Sunday. The school’s management confirmed the receipt of this email, part of a series sent to 18 schools, suggesting the presence of explosives.

Another incident occurred last Friday at Palma’s French Lyceum. The incident saw canine units from the National Police search following a similar email threat. Fortunately, no signs of explosives were found, and the school did not require evacuation.

These incidents, characterised by identical threatening emails, have raised concerns about the safety and security of international schools in Spain.

While all threats have proven to be false alarms, the impact on the school communities has been significant. The motivation behind the malicious emails is not known at this moment in time.