La Algaba’s local council, under the leadership of the mayor, announced the installation of  unique speed radars

Located on Andres Molina Morales Avenue, Concepcion Rodriguez de Torres Clavijo Street, and the entrance via Rodriguez Borbolla Bridge, these devices are more than just speed monitors.

The new initiative was announced on Twitter/X: ‘La Algaba gives an innovative twist to road surveillance: Radars with emoticons replace fines!

‘Discover how this strategy seeks to raise awareness among drivers and passengers about the importance of respecting speed limits on our urban roads.’

The three newly installed radars in La Algaba are not your typical speed detectors. Rather than issuing fines, these radars display emoticons (emotion icons) – a happy face for drivers adhering to the speed limit, and a sad face for those exceeding it. This innovative method aims to prompt immediate reflection on driving behaviour.

If a vehicle goes over the 30 kilometres per hour speed limit, the radar screen showcases a sad emoticon. Conversely, a happy emoticon greets drivers who maintain the appropriate speed, reinforcing positive driving habits.

The La Algaba City Council’s initiative extends beyond mere speed regulation. It’s an inclusive strategy designed to engage not only drivers but also younger passengers.

The idea is that by observing these emoticons, children will become more aware of the importance of adhering to traffic rules, thus cultivating a culture of safe and responsible driving within the community.‘Maintaining road safety is a responsibility shared by all,’ remarked the mayor, emphasising the importance of this community-wide effort. This educational approach seeks to instill a deeper understanding and respect for traffic regulations among all residents, regardless of age.