Safety experts say that pedestrians are at risk in Yeovil Town Centre as the road through town reopens.

A road safety expert has said that pedestrians walking about Yeovil Town Centre are at risk of being run over.

Yeovil Town Centre is currently undergoing a ‘refresh’ programme by the Council to revive the area.

Whilst the Council continue to spend millions on attempting to refresh the town, which is flooded with empty shops, a road safety expert has said he feels pedestrians are at risk, with a significant chance of a fatality possible.

A road that has been closed for several months reopened on Friday, although pedestrians appear unaware and continue to walk up or in the middle of the road, which again has cars, buses and lorries running on it.

Saturday saw two near misses as elderly shoppers walked on the once-closed road.

A safety expert said: ‘ The issue is pedestrians have got used to the road being closed after several months after using it as a pedestrian zone.

‘ The Council have failed to apply any signage to warn residents that the road is re-open, whilst the newly designed road looks like a pedestrianised area.

‘ The pavements, for instance, have little curbs, and the road colouring is deceiving, giving the appearance of not a public road – I’m my opinion there should also be road markings – it’s only a matter of time before a bus or car runs someone over.’

Global247news drove through the town and witnessed members of the public standing in the road chatting whilst other pedestrians crossed the road without looking for traffic. One woman walked down the middle of the road, oblivious to any traffic.

Shoppers said: ‘ People are used to the road being closed; same time, they think they can stand in it and talk or simply use it as a pathway. I remember an Ice cream van running over a lady in this section years ago; I can see someone getting hit if the Council don’t sort this out quickly.

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