On the evening of Saturday, December 16, just before 10:00 pm, two medium-distance trains collided in Alora, resulting in numerous injuries and a substantial diesel spill. The trains, one from Sevilla, were partially derailed, with one almost overturned.

The State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE) have initiated an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the Malaga Provincial Fire Consortium (CPB), with Coin, Campillos, and Antequera units, was actively involved in the rescue operations. The Guardia Civil has also been deployed to assist at the scene.

The last carriage of one train, which derailed due to the collision, posed a fire risk due to the diesel leakage. This carriage was the first to be evacuated. The other train, positioned in a more visible area, was evacuated later as it presented fewer risks.

Passengers were moved to safety, with the Guardia Civil facilitating transportation to El Chorro station and a nearby restaurant. An evacuee told La Sexta about the injuries sustained in which a child had fallen to the ground and had injured her head and that another woman had a swollen hand.

Emergency response coordination is managed by Emergencias 112 Andalucia, with various support services, including two ambulances from 061, a support ambulance from the Red Cross, and local emergency teams being mobilised.

Renfe has confirmed the safe evacuation of all passengers, approximately a hundred from each train, to the platform. The railway company has arranged an alternative train to transport the affected passengers to the María Zambrano station in Malaga. From there, coaches will be available for their onward journey to Sevilla and intermediate stops.

A passenger who was on the train told Global247news, ‘ There was an almighty bang and people then flying everywhere, blood from cuts spilt everywhere as passengers were launched through the air; it was very frightening – you would think two trains couldn’t crash in this day and age.’