Adam Dance is setting up a top meeting with West Ham owner Billionaire Daniel Kretsinky as he fights for Yeovil postal services to be sorted.

Adam Dance, who is standing for the position of Yeovil MP at the next General Election, is setting up a meeting with Daniel Kretinsky, West Ham United’s billionaire owner and the Royal Mail’s major shareholder.

The town of Yeovil in South Somerset is suffering with receiving post, with some residents having to wait up to three weeks for a simple letter.

Now, Dance, using his complete contact book, is taking the bull by the horns and going straight to the top by setting up a meeting with the billionaire tycoon.

Co Owner Of West Ham & Royal Mail Major Shareholder

All other candidates and the current MP, Tory Marcus Fysh, have expressed their concerns to the public, stating they are writing letters to the Royal Mail over the dire postal situation. However, Dance is going one significant step further by using his initiative.

An aid to Dance’s office told Global247news: ‘ Adam was a guest at one of West Ham United’s preferred football agents who advises the club and recruits its top talent.

‘ Adam spent a long weekend at his Villa in Torreblanca near Marbella and is arranging a meeting directly with Mr Kretinsky via the agent.

‘ We have already had a response from the sport’s agent, who says that Daniel hasn’t been aware of the situation until now and will now look into it for Adam. An appointment for a face-to-face meeting is also currently being arranged, hopefully before Christmas.’

Residents in Yeovil appear to be delighted with the progress of Dance.

Tommy Griffin, who has been waiting three weeks for a hospital appointment letter, said:

‘ That’s exactly what we need for this area, a forward thinker using his initiative, Not an MP just telling the people he’s written a letter, and let’s be honest, what the point in writing a letter if the postal service can’t deliver it!’

Meanwhile, the sports agent in question confirmed Dance had made contact; he said:

‘ Yes, I can confirm Adam Dance has made contact – we met when he stayed with us in Spain for a social function. He’s asked a favour, and I have no issue with it being Yeovil being involved, as it’s where I grew up many years ago. I would have done it for anyone making contact;  all I can say is Daniel is now aware of the plight of the people in Yeovil regarding their post and, as always, will not leave one stone unturned until the matter is resolved. A date for Dance to meet Daniel is on the agenda, too’.

Current England Football Goalkeeping Coach With Agent.


Asked if he would be voting for Adam Dance, he replied: ‘ I’m not a UK resident, so don’t get a vote, although I am Conservative-led. Adam appears to have the people of Yeovil at heart, though, and I wish him well as he fights for the people; sadly, in my opinion, the bloke Fysh should be doing that but appears not to be at the races with little interest in Yeovil.’

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