A British man who was wanted for the murder of his partner in 1990 has finally been tracked down and arrested by police in Alicante.

A report published on Friday, December 15, gave details of a significant development in which the National Police in Torrevieja, Alicante, apprehended a British fugitive implicated in the 1990 murder of his partner.

The fugitive, who had been on the run since his conditional parole in 2015, was subject to an Interpol-issued Search and Detention Order for Extradition for intentional homicide.

His ability to evade capture was aided by using multiple identities and residing with vulnerable elderly British women, many of whom had addiction issues or cognitive impairments, who provided him with economic support.

The search began in May this year, following a tip-off from UK authorities via Interpol to Spanish police about the fugitive’s possible presence in Spain.

Despite very few details, the investigators narrowed down their search to the vicinity of Torrevieja, Alicante. Further, they were alerted to his potential danger, especially as he had been living with two British citizens who had recently passed away, one under mysterious circumstances.

Police officers located a man of British nationality who fully matched the one in the images received, although when the suspect found out authorities wanted him, he used another identity, with which he had lived in Spain since 2017

British authorities supplied two vehicle licence plate numbers they thought may be connected to the wanted man; Spanish police later found the vehicles abandoned in Torrevieja.

However, the breakthrough came when they identified a British woman believed to be his current partner. In late November, police moved in and apprehended the suspect outside his partner’s house in Torrevieja. On November 30, he was presented in court for his extradition proceedings.