Yeovil’s Westfield School ignored information that could have prevented Yeovil school girl sex abuser Geoff Highfield.

A Yeovil paedophile could have been stopped in his tracks for continuing to rape and abuse a 14-year-old school pupil for over five years.

Yeovil Paedophile Geoff Highfield Still Lives Unsupervised On Rowan Way Yeovil Whilst School Ignored Intel And Failed To Report Him To The Police

It’s understood Geoff Highfield became concerned about a young Westfield School pupil he groomed to cover his sordid tracks. His concern was that one of his victims had confided in the paedophile’s complete actions towards the schoolgirl, which included rape and other sexual abuse.

In an attempt to stop the truth from going against him, Highfield attended the school and held a meeting with the then deputy headteacher, Mr Bailey. Highfield claimed his stepdaughter was having lunchtime sex with the 14-year-old boy, documents prepared for court have revealed. When in reality, Highfield was raping the girl after school and had discovered his young victim had informed the boy of what was taking place.

The paedophile insisted that the two school pupils be isolated from each other totally during school time, whilst the sex monster insisted she no longer was allowed to walk home from school and that only he could collect his stepdaughter. He used the time to rape the girl and carry out sexual acts with her before her mother, Slyvia, arrived home from work.

However, it’s revealed that the male pupil who was called to the Deputy Head’s office to be informed of the paedophile’s complaints informed Mr Bailey of the actual goings on.

Although, the Deputy Head ignored the pupil and supported Highfield’s version of events, allowing the sex-craved monster to continue to abuse his victim until she was 18 years old.

Sex Monster & Child Rapist Geoff Highfield Still  Free To Continue Kerb Crawling In Yeovil

Global247news has seen legally prepared documentation that states: ‘ Westfield school were negligent. They failed to contact the police or have the information provided investigated. They carried out the paedophile’s demands, which allowed him to continue his molestation of the school girl, whilst refuting all claims supplied by a child the paedophile had previously groomed in an attempt to cover his abuse of the victim.

‘ On one occasion, the then boy, says Highfield, pulled over in his car as he walked home from school to say, ‘ You’ve gone against me, you have abused my faith in you, I know you two have been having sex at lunchtime without my consent,’

‘ When a girl has had sex, you can smell it; I smelt it after she returned home from school yesterday. I will now put a stop to this – you can’t report m.; they will never believe a boy against me.’

Sadly, Highfield was believed by Westfield School, allowing him many more years of freedom as a prolific paedophile.

Now it appears the School itself and its governing bodies could be found guilty of child neglect whilst the pupils were in their control. Specialist lawyers are to study all the facts before deciding how to take legal action against the school.

Westfield School continue to be in denial. Some 40 years later, recently, teacher Angela Montaque cited it as ‘ fake news’ on social media.

Whilst the school has attempted to stop publications via their solicitors, Browne Jacobson, based in Birmingham.

Partner Mark Daniels wrote to Global247news, stating

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Global247news team of lawyers, based in Spain & Gibraltar, quickly refuted all claims, whilst reminding the Westfield School solicitors, that there is no libel or defamation to consider at any stage when publishing true facts.  No further response has been received from the Birmingham-based solicitors.