The following general election will see a slippery fish stand to be elected in Yeovil Somerset.

‘Slippery Fish’ will stand against current Tory MP Marcus Fysh and other candidates for the role of MP in  Yeovil Somerset.

The currently unknown political watcher, known as ‘Slippery Fish’, says he will form the Slippery Fish And Common Sense Party before the next general election.

He says he’s forming the party after being disillusioned with the reign of MP Marcus Fysh and other candidates backbiting on Social Media.

Today, he contacted Global247news to release his manifesto points.

Slippery said his first assistance nationally would be to push the new government to deploy gunboats in the English Channel to deter illegal immigrants from entering the country.

‘ If the illegal immigrants have a fear of being shot in the channel or their boats deflated by bullets, they will decide to stay in the safety of France; the current Government have spent billions on getting nowhere with illegal immigrants, not one plane has yet deported them to Rwanda despite the fortunes spent of taxpayers money. The money would be far better spent on deploying armed forces in gunboats to solve the issue.’ Slippery claims.

Slippery also wants to see many changes in the local area he hopes he gets to represent.

‘Locally, in Yeovil, If voted in, I will call on the council to abolish business rates for all hospitality venues in the Town Centre.  Yeovil Town Centre, despite the multi-millions being spent on it, will never recover whilst the council chases shop reopenings; let’s be honest, you can even buy your fish food on Amazon these days – the future of the town centre is dependent on bars, restaurants and clubs. The business model would then work, enticing everybody back into the town.’

‘Public transport is another subject that requires netting and sorting out; we have seen Yeovil cut off the line in the last few weeks.’ gasped Fish.

‘ Train lines closed both ways to London & Devon; Yeovil was stranded on the banks with all the flooding taking place’, he continued.

‘This town needs a regular community bus service both ways, never mind that other Fysh claiming only the Tories can dual the A303. all the way to Taunton – how about some decent buses regularly first? I think that Fysh’s claims are just ground bait for votes.’

Slippery then hooked into the other candidates preparing to stand for election, he said, ‘ They talk like big fish in a small pond, Carping on about the same old things, whilst letting so many other matters off the hook.

‘ I’m going to stand on the perch for the people of Yeovil and reel in the votes.’ he claims.

‘ Yeovil is the right peg for  upcoming elections and I will catch more voters along the way as I release more policies and changes that I will make to Yeovil; you can bank on that’ he finished.