Scooterboy is harbouring Yeovil paedophile Geoff Highfield for £500,000

A scooter enthusiast is harbouring Yeovil paedophile Geoff Highfield in the hope of a £500,000 windfall.

Evidence supplied to Global247news shows that exposed paedophile Geoff Highfield is being shielded from the law whilst leaving children in Yeovil in danger of the sex monster, in the hope of a half-a-million pound windfall if the child rapist goes to his grave undetected.

The scooter club member has sent messages describing how he doesn’t wish Highfield to go to prison for his sickening child abuse for fear of losing money.

Danforth is only interested in money as he protects the paedophile.

Prolific sex monster Geoff Highfield has evaded the law for his sexual attacks for over 40 years, whilst schoolchildren remained in danger as the paedophile continues to roam the town freely.

A disturbed parent of 6 today told Global247news:

‘ It’s disgusting that children have been at risk just for the sake of money. Highfield should be behind bars; this evil man is not even on the sex offenders register; he could strike again at any time; covering up for him for cash is so wrong.’

Now it’s revealed the scooter enthusiast, who goes by the name of Jimmy Danforth, has also been using Highfield for home improvements whilst knowing the sex fiend raped his girlfriend for over five years up until she got engaged to a postman.

A local tradesman who knows Danforth told Global247news: ‘ Jimmy started as a lodger at one of Highfields victim’s homes; looking at social media, they formed a relationship, and he’s had the paedophile doing work on the property including spending over 10k on outside works including a vast summerhouse build.

‘ How can Danforth even look at the sex offender, knowing that the man has sexually terrorised his partner? I can only think it’s to bleed him dry.’ finished the associate of Danforth.

According to records, Danforth has no children of his own. However, what appears even more distasteful is that he worked for social services with underprivileged children in his previous employment in Devon.

Meanwhile, Highfield is being taken to the High Court in a civil claim by one of his victims to whom it’s claimed he groomed. The claimant is urging other victims of the child sex abuser to come forward.

Lawyers acting for the claimant today replied when asked: ‘ At this stage, we are following the legal protocol for the High Court, to which Mr Geoff Highfield has been served notice. The case will go to trial if settlement is not concluded. For that reason, we can not discuss further.’