A prolific Yeovil paedophile who remains at large has been named and exposed In documents.

A prolific sexual monster who has allegedly raped and sexually abused school girls has been named and exposed in documents seen by Global247news.

Documents being prepared for a high Court writ indicate Mr Geoff Highfield of 65 Rowan Way to be a paedophile who raped and sexually abused school children, including his stepdaughter.

It’s also alleged Geoff Highfield groomed a 14-year-old boy and forced him to have sex with Highfield’s stepdaughter in an attempt to cover his tracks whilst raping his stepdaughter and taking her virginity.

The initial events of Highfield’s campaign of sexual terror relate to events starting in 1981/82 when Highfield started to rape his stepdaughter whilst grooming a 14-year-old boy and attempting to use him as a decoy to evade detection as an active paedophile.

Now, the groomed 14-year-old has decided to issue a High Court Writ against Highfield after discovering that he continues to be harboured by others and avoid the consequences of the law.

In an exclusive interview with Global247news, to be published shortly,  the now 57-year-old has detailed why he’s taking such actions in the High Court and explained why he hasn’t come forward before, hoping others affected by Geoff Highfield would.

At the same time, he’s appealing for any other victims to come forward.

He told Global247news: ‘ Whilst personally I can and am exposing Mr Geoff Highfield as a school girl rapist and paedophile, to whom I’ve decided to take legal action against, for his actions involving myself, I appeal to anybody affected by this sexual monster, to come forward.

‘ Highfield has gotten away with his crimes until now, going undetected by the police, despite several people being aware of his actions.

‘ I appeal to anybody else affected by this disgusting man to come forward – he would trawl as Westfield School for school girls, in his Morris Ital whilst making sexual comments.

‘ He also raped and sexually abused them – now is the time to come forward to ensure this man doesn’t get away with it like Jimmy Saville.’

Global247news will shortly publish all of Highfield’s actions as alleged by the claimant and others.

Anyone wishing to come forward can contact Avon & Somerset Police or Admin@global247news.com in complete confidence.