A notorious criminal organization in Madrid has been dismantled for its unique method of exploiting fellow drug traffickers.

On Thursday, December 14, a report from the National Police detailed how a criminal network met its downfall due to the collaborative efforts of the National Police of Spain and Colombia. This group, known for its violent tactics, was apprehended, leading to significant seizures.

The authorities arrested five individuals and conducted four thorough searches. These efforts led to the seizure of an astonishing €140,000 in cash, alongside various tools used in violent robberies, such as frequency inhibitors, balaclavas, and zip ties. The haul also included varying quantities of narcotics and a vehicle.

The group, with a clearly defined structure and distinct roles, tricked drug purchasers using counterfeit narcotics. They organized meetings in rented apartments under the guise of drug deals, only to violently rob them.

A particularly brutal incident in May involved the culprits binding, assaulting, and robbing a victim, leaving them severely injured.

This organization showcased meticulous planning. They prepared decoy drug packets, using clothing brand logos to mimic genuine drug packaging, and showcased these to their victims via video.

Additionally, to build trust, they occasionally provided natural drugs for ‘tastings’. The final step involved luring the victim to a location where the robbery would occur, ensuring their actions remained untraceable.

The authorities documented several attempted robberies and a violent incident involving illegal detention. In this instance, the victim was lured to an apartment, restrained, beaten, and robbed, reflecting the group’s ruthless methods. Months later, two group members were caught transporting various drugs intended to deceive another potential buyer.

Finally, in November, the culmination of the operation saw the arrest of five individuals. Confiscated items included cash, robbery tools, drugs, and a vehicle. Remarkably, one of the suspects was found carrying backpacks filled with sugar packets intended for another deceitful robbery.

This operation highlights the dangerous lengths to which criminal organizations will go to exploit and deceive not just law-abiding citizens but even perform ‘turnovers’ on their illicit peers.