Yeovil has no ambulance for a badly fallen 81-year-old.

The ambulance service couldn’t provide an ambulance after an 81-year-old lady had taken a nasty fall before going into shock in zero-degree temperatures.

37 Pensioners had attended the Quicksilver Mail for their Christmas lunch get-together.

After a delightful lunch, one of the pensioners, while making her way across the car park, lost her footing on the slippery car park, taking a nasty fall.

The 81-year-old sadly gashed her head wide open, resulting in a deep, nasty cut with blood profusely bleeding from the wound.

Quick-thinking staff rushed to her aid and tried to make her comfortable, but she soon went into shock and went very cold and lifeless.

The Quicksilver staff called for an ambulance but were horrified to be told no ambulance was available; they advised the 81-year-old to make her way to the hospital.

The staff couldn’t believe what they were hearing and decided to carry the old lady into the back seats of a car before taking her to the accident and emergency department at Yeovil District Hospital, where she received emergency treatment.

Upon hearing his brave staff had assisted in saving the old lady’s life, the pub landlord hit out.

Popular landlord Pete Lamden said: ‘ After 13 years of a Conservative Government, this is what it has come to. A fallen and badly injured pensioner can’t even get an ambulance in her hour of need.

‘ So I think the message is clear: you can have the Tories or the NHS. You can’t have both; please remember that next year when voting.’

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses at YDH confirmed what they saw, Rodger Smalling told Global247news:

‘ Two uniformed members of staff from the Quicksilver pub pulled up with an old lady clearly in severe distress; she was in serious trouble, there was blood everywhere, she was rushed through by hospital staff on arrival, a nurse later told me the quick actions of the staff had most likely saved her life.

‘ I asked why she wasn’t in an ambulance, and the nurse replied, ‘ We don’t have the resources- It’s a joke!

Smalling went on to say,’ Here we have the Tories having spent a quarter of a billion pounds trying to sort out Rwanda refugee situation, and in Yeovil, you can’t even get an ambulance!

Conservatives Want Their MP Marcus Fysh To Dance Away At Next Election

Marcus Fysh, whilst aware of the incident, has failed to comment or respond; instead, on his social media pages, which are updated daily, he’s more interested in updating the weather and promoting Ilminster Christmas Services.