Yeovil postal service is in a diabolic state as residents wait up to a year for a post, whilst Christmas post is expected to be a complete disaster.

Residents in Yeovil are on times waiting up to a year to receive post due to the shambolic delivery service.

Last week, Resident Dawn Hollings received a letter dated 12th December 2022 from the hospital, revealing she’s understood to be still waiting for five important letters posted at the end of July.

Dawn is not the only resident; hundreds of residents are complaining about not receiving any post, and when it does turn up, it’s late and in a large bundle, all being delivered at once.

The post office is blaming the situation on short staff, although when you find a postperson in Yeovil, they blame the upper management.

One postperson who wished not to be named, in fear of reprisals from postal management, spoke to Global247news, saying:

‘ They say it’s short staff, but they fail to tell you how they have shed staff on full-time contracts to be replaced by agency-supplied staff; those agency workers then never show up’, she revealed.

It seems the average delivery time for residents in areas of the town is around 14 days, with delivery just once every ten days to 2 weeks.

‘ It’s true, I’m delivering to houses with huge bundles of post, all their post bundled together instead of a daily service – the customers are very frustrated on delivery’ said the postperson.

Now, as Christmas looms, the postperson warns of a Christmas disaster, she said:

‘ Don’t expect the regular Christmas service unless cards are posted very early; I doubt they will arrive before Christmas Day; there will also be a delay on presents.

‘ It’s chaos at the sorting office, and we just don’t have the staff anymore to deliver on time, and that’s not going to improve for the foreseeable future’, she finalized.

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