Independent Small Business Owners Disgusted By Marcus Fysh – MP For Yeovil

Suffering small business traders in Yeovil were disgusted by the actions of their local MP, Marcus Fysh, this morning.

According to the long-suffering traders trying to make a living within a dying town centre, Fysh spent 20 minutes in the town centre today on a ‘ Support Small Business Day’ before departing to a luxurious hotel for another photo shoot.

Trader Gary Knox couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the Tory MP standing in the Borough for a photo shoot by Finca Coffee. He was expecting him to follow in the footsteps of Serena Wottoon, who had already visited many traders in the derelict town centre, which has a record number of closed shops boarded up, including under Fysh’s own offices.

‘ He was hardly here; he must have been all of twenty minutes, taking photos and then posting them on his Facebook page.

‘ He’s bigging up the Government, cutting business rates for small businesses when the difference is minimal. Ironically, Wootton was visiting many earlier discussing COVID loan suspensions, loans we were forced to take after the Government’s complete cock up of the Pandemic, as we have seen only this week in the enquiry.

Fysh at the hotel on Preston Road

‘ From what I saw, he didn’t even head down the town, although shortly he was posting from a luxurious hotel on Preston Road in the warm. To me and others, he has no regard for the state of the town centre, the people of Yeovil or the future of the town’s centre.’ Gary finished.

Another trader said of his surprise at seeing Fysh in the town centre: ‘ First time I have seen him this year – of course, there’s an election coming up now, and he probably wants to keep his cosy seat in Westminster.’

No Good Vibes From Town Centre Remaining Traders

Fysh himself was quick to take to Facebook today with the aforementioned photographs, stating.

‘ We extended business rate discounts again for small businesses – Let’s all get there this weekend to put a smile on the face of our local entrepreneurs.’

While it doesn’t appear many traders were smiling at this latest publicity in the town he represents currently.