Yeovil’s Parliamentary Candidate Serena Wooton Out Showing Her Support For Her Town’s Small Businesses

Serena Wooton, who will be standing for election to be Yeovil’s MP at the next General Election, despite the freezing fog and temperatures, was out to show her support to the remaining town centre business in Yeovil.

As the news still sinks into the town’s residents that the iconic Palmers Fish And Chip shop and restaurant is set to pull down its shutters for the final time on December 16th – Wooton today was straight out the door to show her support to those who remain on the High Street.

It’s challenging for traders in Yeovil Town Centre, who remain as the town appears to have been destroyed under the reigns of current MP Marcus Fysh and the Liberal Democrat Council in Somerset.

In her manifesto, Wooton calls for the remaining businesses in the town to suspend their COVID loans to assist business owners in surviving trading in what’s known as ‘ The bomb site.’

It’s an initiative supported by the majority of traders.

Caring Serena Wooton

‘ The COVID loans are killing all businesses around here, on top of the exorbitant business rates we have to pay for which we obtain absolutely nothing.  All for the opportunity of trading in a ruined town centre that even Yeovil residents don’t use – you can’t blame them, though.

‘ Serena has different views compared to the rest, and she’s the only vision of the town centre having a future and getting back on its feet.’

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