Yeovil’s Palmers Chip Shop Will Close For Good In December.

The iconic Palmer’s Chip Shop in Yeovil Town Centre will cease to trade from December 16th.

The chip shop in the town, for as long as anyone still alive can remember, will fry its last fish on December 16th for the final time before pulling down its shutters.

It’s yet another business to go in the derelict Town Centre of Yeovil, which now has an awful reputation for druggies and alcoholics, with the majority of former companies closed down.

The pending closure has triggered memories for so many residents today by flooding social media with their memories.

Shortly, that will be all left as Palmers Chip shop and its side restaurant become a thing of the past – a  distant memory.

Yeovil Town, which used to be a vibrant market town buzzing both day and night, now sits like a bomb site in Beirut as the nearly bankrupt Council continues to spend millions they can’t afford to salvage the centre.

While significant delays have hit the Council’s ‘Yeovil Refresh operation, many locals feel it’s too much, too late.

Robert Thompson told Global247news:

‘ Another iconic landmark going, probably the last one standing, the town is dead forever, a few new benches and paving slabs aren’t going to make a difference, it’s a somber day today – they may as well bulldoze the town now and turn it into a residential area.’

‘ I blame the Council. They have made a shambles of everything.’ he claimed.

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