photo credit www.Leveller.Live

photo credit www.Leveller.Live

MP Marcus Fysh gets no votes in a Yeovil-based poll.

Marcus Fysh, the local MP for Yeovil in Somerset, took a hammering in a local poll that did not attract one single voter.

Fysh, who has been in position as the town’s MP since 2015, appears to have lost the total confidence of residents in the town he represents after two disastrous terms in power.

The MP has previously been ridiculed for lack of action in the area, claiming one of the highest expenses of all current MPs.

Now, it seems residents living in his constituency aren’t going to back him in the forthcoming General Election if the primary poll is anything to go by.

The poll occurred on the most significant Yeovil Facebook page, known as ‘Yeovil Real News And Share Your Views.’

Over 10,000 users of the community page were asked who they would be voting for at the next General Election. Fysh didn’t obtain a single vote.

Recently, local Lib Dem candidate Adam Dance claimed it would be a two-horse race between himself and Tory Fysh. Serena Wootton of the Yeovil Green Party stepped forward, claiming it would be a three-horse race.

Although looking at the poll results, it’s neck and neck between Dance and Wootton, with Fysh languishing at the back of the pack.

The results were neck and neck.

Dance 48% compared to Wootton’s 43% vote share and Fysh’s 0%.

Average Conservative voter Paul Murray, who has been requesting his fellow Tory voters not to vote for Conservative in the next election in an attempt to oust Fysh, told Global247news after seeing the final results:

‘ It’s of no surprise, really, but it’s good to see that the residents of Yeovil are prepared to vote local and not for who gets into power in the National Government – Fysh has done nothing for this town at all. I’m delighted to see two locals at the top of the poll.’

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