Universal Engineering In Yeovil Makes Customer Wait 7 Months For Repairs And Then Sets Car On Fire

Universal Engineering on the Lynx Trading Estate in Yeovil, Somerset, took seven months to repair a car and then set it on fire.

The garage had quoted four weeks for a new turbo and brakes to be fitted to a Ford Focus STD valued at £8,850.

However, after seven months, the work was finally completed when the car owner had to put pressure on the garage owner; it wasn’t the end. The mechanic applied a diagnostics test to the car, which caught fire and set the car alight.

After all the delays and incidents, the car owner appears to be facing another battle with the garage to resolve the situation.

He told Global247news: ‘ I know things a are a little slower paced in Somerset, but seven months is farcical; it then only got done as I had to contact the garage owner after all the excuses by the mechanic.

Universal Engineering Yeovil Lynx Trading Estate Made the Customer Wait Seven Months For Repair And Then Set the Car Alight Before Dumping the Customer 

‘The owner said he wasn’t aware of the situation and left the garage running to a manager whilst he was active with his other business, Yeovil Hydraulics.

‘ I have asked them for payment for the car, but now they are just washing their hands of the situation. They told me it was down to their insurance company, AXA and gave me a reference number.

‘ The main issue now is that AXA has placed it with a firm in Scotland and is uncontactable  – I challenge anyone to call 01506 342623 – the phone will ring around ten times and then tell you no one is available and cut you off.

‘ So after coming up to nine months, I have no car, no money for the vehicle or no clue as to what is happening.

‘ The garage owner has washed his hands of the situation; their communication and customer service are appalling! – that’s without even thinking about their mechanical skills.

‘ Whilst I have tried to remain patient, enough is enough now; I contacted a solicitor today who advised me it’s the garage’s responsibility to pay me for the car and for them to claim off their insurance; I shouldn’t have to be doing so.

‘As the garage doesn’t wish to pay for the car, I will start proceedings in the small claims court against Universal Engineering.

‘ More hassle again for me; I wouldn’t recommend this garage to anybody’, he said.

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