Yeovil’s Westfield School In Denial Of Paedophile Scandal

Westfield School appear to be in denial of a Paedophile scandal involving the school in the 1980s.

Rather than listening to the facts of the case, which the teachers could learn from, they have cited it as ‘fake news.’

Teacher Amanda Montague told an administrator of the Facebook Group, ‘ Yeovil Real News And Share Your Views’, that it was false news whilst requesting a removal of a Global247news article from their community group.


Whilst Montague, in denial, even though she wasn’t present at the school at the time, claimed it was ‘fake news’  – students of the school have confirmed how the paedophile’s actions were reported to teaching staff at the time, which were ignored.

A student at the time has informed Global247news how he reported the actions to the Deputy Head Teacher of a girl being sexually abused and raped but was ignored.

‘ Mr Bailey ignored everything that I told him; the paedophile had been into the school to claim that his victim, whom he was abusing, was spending too much time in my company.

‘ He was concerned about what I knew and requested that Mr Bailey keep us apart.

‘ When he called me to his office, I told him the truth; he ignored everything I told him everything, whilst the paedophile who was sexually abusing the school girl most afternoons as school finished.’

‘ In my book, that’s negligence by a school and its teachers not to listen to a pupil’, he said.

It’s understood the young girl in question was continually abused and raped until the age of 18 years old after the Paedophile  ‘conned’ both the deputy headmaster Bailey and head teacher Miss Tong.

Former students of the school are appalled by how the school teachers have claimed it to be ‘ fake news’  – one told today, ‘ It’s shocking how teachers can claim it to be fake when they weren’t even there, the school at the time was riddled with all sorts, it’s no wonder three former pupils in our year went onto commit suicide.’

It’s also understood that legal action is possibly being prepared against Westfield School by those affected by the teachers involved, namely negligence.