A man on the run wanted in connection with attempted murder has been apprehended by police in Alicante.

A report on Thursday, November 30, from the National Police detailed how officers in Alicante have arrested a Belgian fugitive who was involved in a violent assault on two people.

On October 7, in the Belgian city of Genk, the man engaged in a violent attack, shooting at his ex-partner and her friend. This incident led to severe injuries. The man who is now in police custody could face up to 30 years in a Belgian prison for attempted murder.

Following the incident, Belgian authorities swiftly contacted Spain’s Fugitive Locator Section. Their information suggested that the assailant could be seeking refuge in Spain. The investigative team’s efforts came to a head in Alicante. There, they arrested the fugitive, who was found near a fast-food restaurant managed by a friend.

The events leading up to the shooting in Genk reveal the suspect’s deliberate plan. The perpetrator first sent his ex-girlfriend a photo of his dog as a threat. He sent her back to the house to check the dog’s well-being.

Upon her arrival with a friend, the assailant, without warning, shot at them, causing injuries to both. The suspect’s whereabouts remained a mystery until his discovery and arrest in Spain. He now faces the possibility of a substantial prison sentence for the attempted murder charge.

The arrest marks the end of an international search operation. The collaboration between Belgian and Spanish authorities demonstrates the effectiveness of cross-border police cooperation. This arrest not only brings a sense of closure to the victims but also serves as a reminder of the reach of justice across national boundaries.