Yeovil Parliamentary Candidate Serena Wootton is unsurprised Regarding the lack of support for local MP Marcus Fysh.

Serena Wootton, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Yeovil, is unsurprised that current Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh scored 0% in a recent local poll by the Town’s residents.

Fysh got hammered in the poll and did not receive one vote, resulting in a 0% finish compared to Wootton’s highly achieved 43%.

Wootton, who is out daily in the community, is the only candidate who has held public surgeries ( 12 to date), talked to organisations, met people, and appears to be outworking the other candidates and doing what you expect from a Parliamentary Candidate.

The results are paying off for the determined Wootton, who clearly has a vision for her local community.

Serena today took time from her hectic schedule to discuss the recent poll results exclusively with Global247news; she said:

‘I was not surprised that MP Marcus Fysh did not receive any support in the online poll; this matches what my team are hearing on the doorstep. The coming election in the Yeovil Constituency is going to be extremely interesting. Voters are clearly ‘disappointed’ with Mr Fysh. Still, they are also angry and disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats, citing problems with them previously at district level and within various town councils, but now for all to see with issues at the County Council.

I have been inundated with calls, messages and emails daily. I have had to answer scores of questions relating to my campaign and values, but have also received hundreds of pledges of votes from voters of all parties who genuinely want real change, not more of the same from the usual suspects.

Based on what we are hearing, Yeovil’s election may be a two-horse race, but not between orange and blue as the Liberal Democrats would have you believe; it will be between Green and Orange, and there is no need for tactical voting. People can vote for who they believe is the best candidate and the best for Yeovil.’

Meanwhile, today, after the poll revelations, Global247news readers flooded the newsdesk supporting the lady in green,

‘ The poll is an early indication Serena and Dance are the leading contenders to be the next MP in Yeovil; although I will be voting for Serena, I wouldn’t have until I stood on the doorstep with her for a long while and was very impressed with her and her answers. She’s coming to the people she wants to represent, whilst the others aren’t; I wouldn’t expect Fysh to anyway, to be honest, but Serena is making grand efforts and talks common sense, something Yeovil requires,’ said Mrs Webber.

Elizabeth Stelling said how he would have voted for Dance but was unimpressed when she saw him at the recent Sunday remembrance service,

‘ Serena, I talked to at length in Town; she is clearly on a mission for every resident in the area she hopes to represent. Because of the memories of Paddy Ashdown and the good he did for Yeovil, my vote until meeting Serena was heading to Lib Dem, well, until Remembrance Sunday in the Borough.

‘ I looked at Adam Dances’ shoes; they needed an excellent polish. You can always tell a good man by his shoes, which were stinking; clearly, there was no attention to detail. If he can’t even pay attention to polishing his shoes on Remembrance Day – his attention to the detail of Yeovil, I can imagine being the same.’

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