Road Users in Yeovil Call For Refuse Collectors To Start Work After 9.30 AM

Yeovil motorists are calling on the Council not to allow refuse collectors to start work until 9.30 AM in an attempt to relieve the town of its notorious morning traffic congestion.

Motorists travelling to work and parents on school runs appear to be fed up with being late to their destinations, citing that refuse collection vans add to the traffic congestion on all main arteries around the town whilst blocking traffic flow.

Margret Fitzgerald says she gets stuck behind six wagons at least every Tuesday morning, travelling from Milford to the town centre.

Frustrated, Margret contacted Global247news this morning to say:

‘I’m disabled and travel into the town centre daily, and there is no route without getting stuck by a recycling collection truck.

‘This morning, I| came across six as I attempted to get into town via different routes; there was no escaping them; they drive down the middle of roads collecting recycling on both sides of the streets – blocking traffic both ways.

‘ It took 50 minutes to get from Milford dip to work in the town centre; Yeovil’s traffic in the morning is already often horrendous without these trucks blocking all the routes at the same time. I will contact our local MP to demand the Council use common sense and deploy the refuse workers after 9.30 AM.’

The situation isn’t isolated; another angry resident, Grandfather Ivan Williams, tells of his issues getting his granddaughter to the bus station.

‘ A 5-minute ride to Yeovil bus station takes half an hour when the bin men are out collecting the recycling – my daughter starts work at 5 AM, so I take my granddaughter down to the bus station to catch the Stanchester school bus. On a Tuesday, we get blocked by all the collection trucks; my granddaughter says the bus is always late to school because of it; something needs to be done. It would be quicker to walk, but I have arthritis, so I can’t; who, in my opinion, is at fault for the traffic congestion in Yeovil anyway, need to react’.