Dopey Yeovil Town Council Strike Again With More Basic Errors

Yeovil Town Council have once again demonstrated they are one of the most dopeiest Councils in the UK.

Previously, Global247news reported on a situation regarding allotments.

In a letter sent out, the Council hadn’t checked their facts and hadn’t even proofread the letter they distributed, writing that residents were ‘wondering’ on allotments.

Over the last two weeks, the same Council have been advertising allotments available.


Those residents who have applied have been sent an application form for hiring Milford Hall, leaving applicants in giggles.

‘ You really couldn’t make this up’, says Dave Lewis after he attempted to help an elderly man reserve an allotment.

‘ It’s no wonder this town is in such a shocking state when we have such a dopey council.

‘It really makes you wonder, or should I say ‘Wander’, what clowns are involved at the Town council offices.

‘ I think we have one if not the dopiest Town Council in the UK, ‘ he laughed.

Although Gareth Williams didn’t see the funny side of matters,

He told Global247news:

‘ Whilst it may be trivial that the town council can’t send out the correct forms or spell correctly in public letters if they can’t get the basics right, it makes you shudder at the thought of more significant matters on their agenda.

‘ This town has come to be a complete ‘dive’ when previously it was such a lovely market town. We have dithering idiots at the town council, and it’s all their fault.’ he ranted angrily.