Fuel Station Under Fire Investigation

The fire service will investigate a BP petrol station on the A303 between Yeovil and Ilminster.

It’s understood that fire investigators will place the petrol station on a regular inspection list after complaints from travellers.

Users of the fuel station have flooded the fire safety service with complaints as fire exits are alleged to be constantly blocked by beer crates.

Blocked Fire Exit At Cargate

One of those to complain told Global247news:

‘ If there were a fire at that petrol station, anybody in the building could not escape.

‘Crates of beer permanently block the fire exit.

‘I have contacted the fire service, who told me they will regularly inspect the fuel station. They said they will close the station and take it legally if it persists, which can lead to large fines.’

It’s understood several complaints have been filed over several weeks.

Another complaint is the lack of access to the station’s toilets, including the disabled access.

‘ You have to squeeze past hundreds of cans of Carlsberg. If you are overweight or of a larger size, or disabled, you can’t get past the large storage crates.’ claims disabled driver Michael Watson from nearby Ilminster.

A spokesperson for the fire safety service today confirmed:

‘Any business that blocks fire exits is at risk of having the business closed down until the situation is resolved; the closures can last several months until matters are resolved’.

She went on to say, ‘We take these matters very seriously; whilst I can’t comment on individual cases, all complaints are investigated.