Adam Brown Attempts To Hack Global247news To Avoid Questions About His Incarnation And Deportation From Dubai.

Under fire, Adam Brown from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, attempted to hack the Global247news website last night as it reported on his latest public appearance since his deportation from Dubai.

Deported Brown, who left Merthyr Tydfil, leaving behind a life of failed companies and a disgraced former local councillor, headed to Dubai to re-establish himself. However, within a few months, he found himself in a Dubai jail on drug charges.

On returning to the UK, Brown promptly took to Social Media to claim he was not guilty and said he was only deported as ‘ That’s how it is there’.

Although only two weeks later, Brown presented a video on YouTube admitting he was using cocaine in Dubai whilst mixing with cocaine suppliers, whilst confessing to being found guilty in court before being deported.

The homemade video has left many readers of Global247news unsure of the truth, with Brown having a solid reputation as a pathological liar in an attempt to impress.

Before his departure, he had claimed on his YouTube show that he was part of the deal that took Welsh Captain Aaron Ramsey from Cardiff City to Arsenal.

Within weeks, he was claiming the same football player had been arrested in Scotland with bags of drugs in his car.

Ramsey’s representatives, until the drug claim, had never heard of him until they were forced to take action against his lies.


Many residents in South Wales have been asking many questions after the launch of the Brown video, which they feel had many conflicting stories.

Brown has failed to answer any of the questions, and he is removing comments questioning him from YouTube viewers. Many do not believe his claims of innocence.

It’s also understood he’s been having articles removed about himself on the community group Merthyr Tydfil Matters on Facebook.

Adam Brown, bottom left, as he attempted to hack Global247news last night

As Global247news continues to present the questions and expose Brown’s lies, he and his cronies attempted to hack the Global247news website last night.

Despite claiming in his recent video that he was rebuilding his life now that he was a broken man, nothing has changed. He sits on a live Twitch show, wallowing to others online and making threats while attempting to hack the website and avoid further exposure.

Readers quickly contacted the global news desk in the early hours, revealing Brown’s actions.

One of those readers, who informed the newsdesk, said:

‘ He hasn’t changed at all; he is straight back to his former ways, giving it the big one to other deadbeats online fuelled up on drink and drugs.

‘Here in Merthyr, he can’t impress anyone, so he tries to impress kids online. Last night, as you can see, he tried to avoid the questions and exposure by attempting to hack your news website.

‘Clearly to me, once again, he’s full of bulls**t fearing the exposure of the truth’.

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