Adam Brown removes any questions about his jail sentence and deportation from Dubai.

Adam Brown, the failed businessman and banned local councillor from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, is removing any comments that question his times in Dubai.

The comments came after Brown launched a video on Youtube, claiming he was ‘set up’ whilst in Dubai, which saw him spend 17 months in a Dubai jail facing a lengthy sentence.

In the homemade video, he makes numerous claims regarding a large stash of cocaine being found in his apartment.

However, as he courts publicity upon his return via his YouTube channel, those who don’t believe his claims are not allowed to question them as they are instantly removed.

Brown’s video contains conflicting versions of events

|It appears the former councillor doesn’t want to answer them or deliver any proof on request.

Those actions leave the public of Merthyr Tydfil in much doubt about his incarnation in Dubai.

Gareth Chegwell told Global247news; 

‘I’ve seen the questions and noticed they are quickly removed; it demonstrates he has something to hide. I guess he can’t answer them as it will make his video look stupid.’

Brown has been claiming he was just a drugs user and not a seller or importer and was ‘stitched’ up by a fellow Welsh associate, who Brown claims received 25 years imprisonment.

Currently, there are no news or court reports on the claimed sentencing.

Jobless Brown left Wales initially for Dubai over two years ago to meet up with Eastern European drug growers he had befriended in Marbella, Spain.

Brown later joined the drug growers in Dubai despite having no personal funds or job. He was shortly posting images of himself in Dubai and other countries and making videos from a luxurious apartment. On one occasion, he claimed he was in Turkey to ‘ Have a nose job’ – although there’s no evidence it took place.

David Brown from Treharris, South Wales, said: ‘ It’s just like when he claimed he was training to be a stand-up comedian after the National Press caught him out. 

Brown has been invited to comment and answer many of Global’s reader’s questions but, to date, has failed to respond.