Merthyr’s Adam Brown Video Launch Of His Dubai Detention Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

Failed businessman and Merthyr Tydfil Councillor has published a video on his ‘Football With Brownie’ Facebook page.

Although the small minority who have viewed the video d doesn’t appear impressed with his version of events and explanations feeling he contradicted himself on several occasions.

Brown, who in Merthyr Tydfil and the Youtube world is regarded as a pathological liar, once claimed live on air, that he was involved in the deal that took Wales Captain Aaron Ramsey to Arsenal when the reality was he was operating a recruitment agency out of shared office space in Cardiff Bay, where he rented a simple mailbox.

Brown was deported from Dubai after 17 months in jail for alleged drug smuggling, claiming he didn’t want to fight the deportation whilst claiming previously he was  Not Guilty.

The reason given in the video was he  ‘missed his mum’.

Brown on arriving back in the UK, took straight to social media, claiming he was innocent and found NOT Guilty, when in fact, as Global247news previously reported he was found guilty of drug offences in Dubai.

In the video, he admits he was found guilty of lesser charges whilst his close friend received 25 years. It appears the lies from Brown continue. However, he dramatically announces he’s a changed man.


Although those who have watched the poorly presented video, to date, 69 viewers still do not believe his version of events, leaving many questions open.

Cardiff City fan Alun Evans said: ‘ What he is saying does not add up; for instance, he says his friend/associate rang him in Wales for permission to put some boxes in his apartment – to which he claims he did whilst Brown was in the UK.

‘Brown then claims as he returns, he takes no notice of the boxes and rushes out with a girlfriend to a bar armed with Cocaine, but then he claims his friend/ associate calls him at the bar asking for the key. – Well, not being funny like, he had a key? – Brown claims he’s rushed out and not seen anyone part from his visit to another apartment for a single gram of cocaine.

‘ Then,  Brown claims he was to be charged for importation, he says he said to the Embassy he didn’t know what that meant and claimed to have slammed the phone down. Are you trying to tell me at 44 years old he doesn’t know what drug importation is?

‘ Also when he was in Dubai he was constantly leaving the country, and then returning; on one occasion he filmed himself in Turkey, one of the drug capitals of the world; he claimed he was there for a ‘nose job’ – come on smell the coffee!

‘ Does he have any receipts for this nose job consultation?’ Evans asks.

Finally, Evans enquires, ‘ Why doesn’t he name the so-called friend if he stitched him up so badly? – that’s very odd.’

Meanwhile, former MMA fighter Lewis Davids pointed out ‘ When you are getting battered so hard, in this instance as he claims by the police, drunk and full of cocaine in your system, how can yo vividly recall how many times exactly? – You can’t, it’s clear blatant lies once again.

‘ The bloke doesn’t know the truth from his elbow; it’s again clear to see

‘ I think unless he comes out and explains everything with evidence, I will continue to believe he grassed everyone up concerned for a lighter sentence, he even admitted they wanted the big boys.’

The cringeworthy video can be seen here. 

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