Welsh football fans blame the referee as they fail to qualify.

Football fans in Wales were crying in their beer last night after a dire performance against Turkey which they needed to win for any chance of automatic qualification.

Wales only in the last two games had to beat lowly Armenia away and Turkey at home but achieved neither.

Although the patriotic supporters of their country are now blaming the referee for their failure.

The referee was lamblasted in pubs around the Cardiff City Stadium last night as well as on social media for his performance.

Wales had taken an early lead at home in Cardiff on the 6th minute but failed to score a second goal to calm the game, with Turkey missing a golden opportunity to snatch a goal back on the 45th minute just before half time.

Again in the second half Wales failed to score before Turkey were awarded a penalty for a blatant foul, although the Turk made a meal of it by going to ground as if he was shot.

Fans though of the “ Red Wall”  haven’t seen it that way and totally feel the referee was the reason they failed to qualify automatically.

The Red misted-blinkered fans miss the fact they are without the likes of retired Gareth Bale injured but now old Aaron Ramsey is a team of journeymen football players managed by a second-rate manager in Robert Page, who appears to be taking the Country back to the dark days of Welsh football of always struggling to qualify for tournaments.

Wales now enter the qualification play off process but on recent performances look unlikely to qualify.