The owner and editor of the Yeovil Press, Steven Sowden, is restricted from being in locations Involving Children’s Ice Cream Vendors, Reveal

Steven Sowden, known locally as ‘Seedy’ after revelations of distasteful messages to young women on the internet, appears to have restrictions placed on him whilst under investigation by the police.

Sowden was exposed as harassing young women with explicit sexual messages after using his position as editor of the newspaper The Yeovil  Press to obtain their contact details.

Now, according to Yeovil-based ice cream vendors, Sowden, whilst under police investigation, is restricted from being anywhere near schools and other areas where young children congregate.

One of  those vendors told Global247news how he had a visit from a community officer; he said:

‘ We had an officer visit our van location and told us to report any activity if we saw Steven Sowden around the van; other traders I know have also had the same advice: we are to ring 999 in the event we see him lingering in places associated with children

‘Apparently, he’s been reported for serious offences and has restrictions placed on him.’

Meanwhile, the avid Yeovil Town Football fan and writer regarding the club hasn’t been seen publicly since the revelations came to light.

Although his publication, The Yeovil Press, continues to be published, something disturbing residents in Yeovil and Ilminster where it’s distributed.

Resident Mike Malone said: ‘ I can’t believe they have the face to still print it after the revelations of his ‘sex messages and ‘dirty man’ images.

‘I am also appalled at the likes of funeral directors and other community businesses continuing to support him with advertisements. If I see copies, I take them all and throw them in the bin,’ he finished.