Yeovil Ex Conservative voter Paul Murray has slammed the latest publicity push by Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh.

Former Tory voter Paul Murray, who this week revealed he and a large group of Conservative voters will vote for Adam Dance in the next general election in an attempt to unseat Marcus Fysh as Yeovil’s MP, has again slammed the local MP.

Murray said: ‘As Yeovil burns, Fysh is more concerned over a few pence on a pint of Cider.

He went on:’ You can’t see a dentist in Yeovil; to obtain a GP or hospital appointment is a miracle, but this incompetent MP is more concerned over a few pennies on a pint of Cider,’ he stormed.

The criticism of Fysh came after the local MP shared on his social media page a letter he had written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding the price of Cider.

Murray continued: ‘The town is in disarray, the Council is bankrupt, Yeovil people are suffering badly, and he’s worried about the price of Alcohol?

‘Now you can see why we want this person out of office. The only way to do so at the next election is to forget National voting and ‘Vote local’ for Adam Dance, who does much work for the area even though he represents Lib Dem.

‘Just look – here we have two people, one concerned about cider prices and the other about the state of the local health service,’ he said.

The comments refer to Adam Dance’s own social media page, where Dance answered questions from members of the public.

Dance posted:

Dance To Challenge Fysh Head To Head
‘High-quality healthcare, free at the point of use, is essential for individual freedom and national prosperity. Good health gives people the freedom to live, and a thriving economy needs a healthy population.
The Conservatives have plunged the NHS into crisis – as have the SNP in Scotland and Labour in Wales. They have run local health services into the ground, putting people, buildings and beds under immense pressure. With 112,000 staff vacancies in England alone, long waiting times missed targets and poor outcomes, patient safety is being pushed into the danger zone.
People are no longer confident they can get it when they need medical help. When they ring 999, they don’t know if they will get the emergency treatment they need in time. Millions are waiting for treatment, unable to work.
Liberal Democrats believe everyone should get the care they need when needed. That’s why we would ensure everyone can get an appointment when needed and get the crucial treatment they desperately need.
In particular, we will:
If needed, we will give everyone the right to see their GP within seven days or 24 hours. To deliver on that right, we will train, recruit and retain more GPs and free up more of their time.
Reform NHS dentistry so that no one is forced to pay hundreds of pounds for private care.
Finally, put mental health on the same footing as physical health.
Invest in public health and prevention so fewer people get ill and need treatment.
Recruit, train and retain more doctors and nurses to fill the thousands of vacancies in the NHS and cut waiting times.
Fix the life-threatening crisis in our ambulance services and provide emergency funding to tackle poor response times.’