Argentina’s new President has vowed to take the Falklands Islands back, sparking pushback from UK officials.

During his presidential campaign, Javier Milei claimed that Britain’s return of the Falkland Islands to Argentina was “non-negotiable” and that the territory was Argentine.

He called for an agreement similar to the UK’s with China in Hong Kong, which saw the territory handing over to Chinese control after 1997.

Milei, elected on Sunday, said: “What do I propose?

“Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands is non-negotiable.

“The Malvinas are Argentine. Now we have to see how we are going to get them back.

“It is clear that the war option is not a solution.

We are proposing to move towards a solution like the one England had with China over the Hong Kong issue, and in this context, the position of the people who live on the islands cannot be ignored.

“You cannot deny that those people are there. You cannot disregard those human beings.

“You have to negotiate with Britain and consider the views of the people who live on the islands.

“We are looking for a viable, achievable diplomatic solution that will return the Malvinas Islands to Argentinaviable, achievable solution.”

In his victory speech, Milei promised that the “reconstruction of Argentina begins today”.

But hitting back, Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson ruled out any movement on the issue.

They said: “It’s a settled issue, a long-settled issue, and we have no plans to revisit it.”

Pressed on the suggestion of an agreement similar to that reached over Hong Kong, the official added: “The position of the Falkland Islands was settled some time ago and will not be changed.”

A 2013 referendum in the Falklands saw 99.8 per cent of people vote to remain part of the UK.