AN 11-year-old boy was seriously injured after crashing a car that he was driving on a motorway in Germany this Monday, November 20.

The boy reportedly lost control of the silver Skoda as he attempted to leave the A14 at the Leipzig-Nord exit. He travelled alone in the vehicle and headed toward Magdeburg when the accident occurred around 10:45 am. The police informed Global247news that the car ended up lying diagonally in a ditch at the side of the motorway.

After narrowly avoiding a collision with a road sign, the Skoda kidded across a grassy verge before overturning and flying over the crash barrier to land diagonally opposite in the ditch next to it.

A helicopter airlifted the injured boy to a medical facility for observation. On arrival at the scene, police officers were perplexed as they had no idea who the driver was. A spokeswoman said, ‘He is too young to have ID with him’.

The police spokeswoman detailed, ‘The exit had to be temporarily closed to record the accident and recover the vehicle. ‘She added that an investigation has been launched to determine the incident’s circumstances.

Following the accident, the boy’s father was finally tracked down by the police. It is believed that the 11-year-old stole the automatic car keys, got inside, and drove it away.