Adam Dance, the next Yeovil Parliamentary Candidate To Stand Against MP Marcus Fysh, Hits Out.

Councillor Adam Dance has slammed local Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh and his Conservative Party after the MP’s comments regarding Somerset Council’s financial woes.

Fysh recently took to his social media pages to state:

‘Worrying to hear that the Lib Dem Somerset Council has failed to perform the integration of the five old Somerset District Councils to the new Unitary and that as a result, they are looking at £100m of overspending next year after a £27m overspend this year. They made less than 10% of the headcount optimisation that was part of the unitary plan and have most of the remaining staff on expensive interim contracts.
This incompetence essentially means they are running into the legal requirement to stop spending on all but essentials.
I will work with people locally and nationally to try to get the Council into a better place. Still, I think the evidence that the Lib Dems aren’t able to cope means it would be better for the National government to use its powers to take the Council into special measures and run it to ensure services are adequately provided.’
Now Dance, who is preparing to stand against MP Fysh in the next general election in an attempt to become MP for Yeovil, has responded to the comments.
Adam Dance V Marcus Fysh
Dance says:
Dance To Challenge Fysh Head To Head

“With the dire financial position of Somerset Council, we must reach out to residents to explain the issues and seek their support with our approach. The Council is pressing the Conservative Government for early and effective action to address the financial crisis brought upon Somerset in large part by the actions of the previous administration.

“Costs across the board have risen. We all know that from our household spending. BUT, the income of the Council has remained static, and in some cases reduced, due to actions by the Tories both within Somerset and at Westminster.

“As Bill Revans says, ‘Our overspend position is not because of poor control or oversight, nor policy decisions or legal action – it is simply a huge increase in our costs for demand-led services, set against our constrained ability to raise additional income. The national model for funding social care is broken, and we urgently need your support to ensure we can continue to care for those most in need.’

In Somerset, the previous Conservative Council leader and his colleagues’ financial mismanagement deprived council services of over £200 million.

“Meanwhile, their Conservative friends at Westminster continued to mismanage the economy by:

  • Their ludicrous handling of the national economy resulted in unprecedented interest rate hikes, which have made it impossible to continue with carefully costed projects such as the Octagon Theatre.
  • Their failure to address adult social care issues has resulted in these costs falling entirely on the new authority with no additional finance from the central government.

“We can only support the needs of Somerset’s residents with adequate funding, both through the Council Tax and with additional support from central government.
“I am determined to fight for the services which those of us living in South Somerset depend on. As a responsible Liberal Democrat-led authority, we need to deliver a balanced budget for this year and the years to come. ”

The Liberal Democrats are working together to save Somerset Council from bankruptcy by taking decisive action towards a balanced, realistic and future-proofed budget for the County.’

The comments seem to have been well-received by the residents in the constituency.

‘It’s another final example of Fysh’s total waffle. I’m glad Adam challenged Fysh’s comments and corrected the position.

‘I’m a Labour voter, not a Lib Dem, but at the election, it’s going to be a two-horse race, so I I will be backing Dance; he does so much for the area, whilst Fysh doesn’t care apart from concentrating on his self-publicity, ‘ said Mr Thomas from Mudford Road.

Darren Stokes was another to air his views. The lawyer said, ‘Yeovil needs change, and Fysh is out of position around here. I’ve joined the campaign set up by other Tory voters to get rid of him. ‘

Darren referred to an extraordinary situation in Yeovil where Conservative voters prepared to vote for Lib Dems nationally against their political beliefs to remove Fysh from his position as the local MP, putting the local area at the forefront.

Regular Tory voters met this week to agree to vote for Adam Dance locally.