Over 30 Welsh Football Fans Claim They Are Innocent After Being Arrested

More than 30 Wales football fans were arrested in Armenia ahead of the European Championships qualifier, according to the FAW.

About 1,200 supporters are in the capital, Yerevan, ahead of Saturday’s match.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) confirmed 32 fans had been arrested, while the Foreign Office is involved.

South Wales Police officers in Yerevan said all fans had been released without charge and were trying to find out what happened.

Supporter Lefi Gruffudd described his anger, saying it came as a total shock after he was arrested with a group of friends following an enjoyable night in the city.

“The three of us were walking back towards the hotel last night quite late, and police cars came straight up to us, took us into their cars, arrested us, kept us in custody until 15:30 this afternoon, ” Mr Gruffudd said.

“They treated us insultingly, no water, no cell, nothing through the night.

“We were not explained why we were arrested, and we have been asking questions all the time but have not received any answers. We haven’t slept at all, and we’re angry.”

He said: “It’s a shock, we didn’t expect this, we loved the place.

“We were delighted with the people in the bars last night. There was a perfect atmosphere, but this was a big shock for us all.”

Meanwhile, South Wales Police’s Supt Steve Rees, who is in Armenia, said: “We are aware of an incident during the early hours of Saturday in Yerevan which resulted in 32 Welsh fans being arrested.

“We are working with the fan embassy and local law enforcement to determine precisely what happened.

“Welsh fans have a good reputation when travelling abroad, so this is unusual.

“A delegation of Welsh police officers will continue to accompany the travelling fans during this away fixture, providing advice and helping to keep them safe.”

The Foreign Office said: “We are supporting the families of several Welsh football fans in Armenia and are in contact with the local authorities.”

The incident follows a warning from a female fan on Friday about a distressing taxi journey where the driver allegedly got in the back with her and asked for “sexual favours” instead of payment.