Sky Sports were forced to censor Toto Wolff after he swore when discussing the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The practice was due to commence on Friday morning but has been abandoned due to an issue with a drain hole cover.

F1 chiefs are working hard to ensure P2 goes ahead, though it’s still unclear what will happen.

Race organisers have spent thousands to ensure the track in Sin City is ready for one of the biggest shows of recent memory.

But while there have been some mistakes, Wolff was in no mood to condemn chiefs.

The Mercedes team principal has defended them at a fierce press conference and lost his cool when asked if the chaos was a ‘black eye’ to the sport.

“That is not a ‘black eye’ – this is nothing,” the Austrian raged.

“We are [on] Thursday night; we have a free practice session that we’re not doing.

“They’re going to seal the drain covers, which will be the last thing anyone talks about tomorrow morning.”

He added: “It’s FP1 – how can you even dare talk bad about an event that sets new standards for everything?

“You’re speaking about a f***ing drain cover that’s been undone, that has happened before. That’s nothing – it’s FP1.

“Credit the people who established this grand prix, making this sport much more significant than it ever was.

“Liberty has done an excellent job, and we shouldn’t moan because, in FP1, a drain cover has come undone.

“The car is broken – that’s a shame. It could have been dangerous for Carlos [Sainz].

“Between the FIA and the track, everybody needs to analyse how to ensure this does not happen again.

“But talking here about the ‘black eye for the sport’ on a Thursday evening – nobody watches that in European time anyway.”

The sky was forced to bleep Wolff’s F-bomb comment as the Austrian ranted.

However, tempers and emotions are running high while the uncertainty surrounding the event rumbles on.

Ferrari chief Frederic Vasseur has confirmed Carlos Sainz Jr’s damaged car would not be fixed in time for the second session.