Parents in Yeovil complain about knife wielding monster on Halloween.

Global247news news desk was flooded with complaints on the evening of Halloween due to a knife wielding monster on display in Hawthorn Rd.

Parents  are concerned the monster which was holding a large blood stained knife, set a bad example to children as knife crimes soar in the UK.

Although, not everybody agreed, with the large monster appearing to be a focal point also for delighted parents and children.

Mr Radicou contacted Global247news to express his thoughts.  He said:

“ With this country seeing daily Stabbings on the streets and knife crime robbery’s I think the model of a monster holding a large blood stained knife is in bad taste and setting a bad example to children.”

Whilst Leana Nowak stated:

“ There was no need for the knife, I don’t want my two boys thinking it’s ok to carry a knife – lots of children are carrying knives these days and I think this set a bad example, it was in poor taste for sure”

Peter Kaminski emailed pointing out knife crime statistics in the UK, saying, :

“In the year ending March 2023, there were around 50,500 offences involving a sharp instrument in England and Wales – with a percentage resulting in death.  I don’t in todays society feel there’s any need to promote knives in any shape or form. The model could easily have been made without the need for a knife. “

Meanwhile, Michelle Larner said:

“ I heard people mentioning the knife when I was there, I told them to get a life, even little children know it’s not real.

It was an excellent piece of art.

If you raise your children correctly as you should do, then you won’t have an issue, it’s teenagers who are carrying knives anyway not little toddlers !” She finished. 

What’s next no knives at the dinner table? “