Advertisers using the free newspaper Yeovil Press pull out after seedy owners’ sex scandal

Advertisers advertising their businesses in Yeovil & Ilminster have decided to cease advertising with the freely distributed title due to owner and editors’ seedy online messages to young women.

It was revealed in September that owner Steve Sowden had been collating young women and girls’ details whilst acting in his professional role before sending them seedy & sordid messages as well as photos of himself.

The messages he sent contained what he would like to do to them sexually.

Now, advertisers and business owners want no association with Steven Sowden as they stop advertising.

‘ we don’t want our business associated with that newspaper title in any shape or form; what a disgusting man’, one told Global247news.

Seedy Sowden Messaging Young Women

Another said: ‘ I always thought he was a professional, but not; we will not use the title again if it continues to be published.

Residents of Yeovil, too, seem to be expressing their views loudly on social media.

Billy Thompson wrote, ‘ I won’t use any local business associated with that monster Sowden. He’s filth on legs – I know many, too, who feel the same way! ‘

Residents in Yeovil and Ilminster, where the titles Yeovil Press and Ilminster Press are distributed, are waiting to see if the November edition will be published and if it will have comments from Sowden regarding his lewd messages.