Witches in Yeovil parked their broomsticks and switched to rollerskates this Sunday.

Witches parked up their broomsticks at Westfield Academy School today and flew on roller skates as Halloween approaches.

As well as scary-looking witches, black cats were spotted circling the arena, scaring to death the watching parents and grandparents.

The sports hall was packed to the brim with witches and black cats as they skated and danced on wheels to the likes of Micheal Jacksons’ song ‘Thriller’ and other scary songs.

One parent present told Global247news, ‘ I was relieved the lights were on; they were scary enough in the light, let alone what it would have been like in the dark.’ he laughed.

Prizes were handed out for the scariest-looking witches, and the competition must have been terrible to judge as they all looked terrifying!

Prizes Galore

The event was hosted by the fabulous Yeovil Skating group known as Yeovil Skate Inc., a group of dedicated skaters who encourage ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages to come and skate every morning at Westfield Academy sports hall every Sunday morning, between 10 AM – !2 PM.

Participation each Sunday, where you can pay at the door, starts from just £4 for two hours of fun.

Although next Sunday, it resumes to average skating without witches on wheels, a relief for the faint heard.

Skating is about having fun and making friends, every skate session is a productive skate session if you’re enjoying yourself! Here at Yeovil Skate Inc there’s no pressure, all styles of skating are welcome to practise together and progress at your own pace. We have knowledgeable members happy to pass on tips and learn new things together.