Yeovil has been voted the worst town in Somerset.

Yeovil’s Town centre has been voted the worst place in Somerset and described as a war zone.

A video has emerged on YouTube pulling the area apart and voting it as number one as the worst place in Somerset whilst slaughtering and mocking the local council.

Although locals have now come to the defence of the area.

Resident William Salter, who has lived in the town for 65 years, was disgusted by the video.


Salter told Global247news as he sent the video in: ‘ Whilst I can’t deny that the town centre is a joke, what the video doesn’t show is the beauty of the area around it; it’s a disproportional filming by whoever made it.

‘ You only have to look at the video made by Steve Calis that demonstrates that.

‘Although what I do agree with is that the council have totally wasted a fortune on the town centre itself and I don’t see it improving significantly if I’m honest.

‘ The trick about Yeovil at present is to drive or walk outwards and not inwards, and you will then see the beauty of the town and surrounding areas.’

Another resident, Marie Wilks, commented: ‘ It does highlight the farce of the town centre, and it smacks you in the face when you see it on film, although I never go there anymore, there’s no point. Although it’s not a true picture of the town’s residents and how friendly everyone is compared to the rest of the UK.’