Alleged Welsh Drug Mule Adam Brown Deported From Dubai After 17 Months Jail Time

Alleged Drug Mule Adam Brown Deported Back To UK From Dubai After 17 Months In Jail.

Adam Brown from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales has been deported out of Dubai after spending 17 months in a Dubai prison.

The former disgraced Merthyr Councillor, suspended from the council for a record-breaking three years before being thrown out of the UKIP party, returned to the UK this week after being deported by the Dubian Government.

Brown has since taken to social media to claim his innocence and claims he was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

Now, he states he will release his version of events on YouTube shortly, although much mystery surrounds his release from the Dubai prison and his claims of being innocent and found not guilty.

Brown claims he was tortured mentally and physically whilst in jail in Dubai, whilst in one of the world’s most brutal prison regimes, especially for suspected drug traffickers with drugs having a no-tolerance policy In the Muslim state.

Images of him after his deportation were published by himself on social media, gaunt and shaven-headed since arriving back in the UK.

Browns Innocence Claims

Brown, amongst his innocence, also revealed how he missed the passing of his adopted father, Mike Brown, whilst in prison.

Adam Brown was arrested entering back into Dubai after flying home to visit his sick father, suffering from prostate cancer. He never saw him again due to being locked up in Dubai, something he states he will never forgive himself for.

Brown, before his arrest in Dubai, had led a very chequered past before leaving the shores of the UK for Southern Spain and then onto Dubai.

The failed businessman left behind many failed companies that had all been placed in compulsory liquidation, ranging from building work to several recruitment agencies under different companies/names. One of those companies hit the national headlines after what many believed was a disgusting advertising campaign before it went bust.


The campaign had used photos of Myra Hindley and notorious Fred West, among others, for its publicity seeking.

Although, it was not the first time Brown had hit all the national headlines for the wrong reasons.

Before the advertising campaign that sent Pier Recruitment Ltd into liquidation, Brown, whilst a councillor in his home town of Merthyr Tydfil, hit the national headlines when he posted about murder suspect Amanda Knox and found himself under investigation. 

He also got fined £2500 for harassing and threatening tenants he wanted to oust so he could place his parents in a property when he claimed he was a property developer. However, investigations revealed despite his claims of owning several properties to which he claimed his mother, Pam Brown, operated for him, he only had one. At the time, when challenged, he stated he couldn’t remember the addresses of the properties as his mother ran the business for him, whilst in reality, she was working in a charity shop.

If that wasn’t enough controversy for the failed businessman and barred councillor, he hit the headlines yet again when claiming he was practising to be a stand-up comedian when caught mocking the death of cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay.

Finally, after his then-wife Lisa Brown, from Cardiff, left him, Brown had nothing left in the UK to work as a delivery driver for a furniture company.

Re basing himself in Mijas, near Marbella, it wasn’t long before he lost his role when fired from his position. Shortly afterwards, he moved further south to Estepona.

Whilst in the Spanish town, he worked in Gibraltar as a hotel receptionist whilst setting up his own YouTube show, ‘Football With Brownie’, and it’s alleged he first got into illegal smuggling.

A former employer of Brown’s told Global247news: ‘ He first started with fags out of Gibraltar, whilst he would go over to Gib for work and smuggle back ciggies for the local bars to sell on. I didn’t see him for a while after firing him, but he resurfaced some 12 months later; he then confessed he was renting properties under the guise of promoting himself and a Russian girl called Sasha as a couple wishing to rent a property to reside in, whilst in fact, he would give the keys to Cannabis growers who turned the properties into cannabis farms. He claimed he was paid when the crop was harvested and sold.

‘During this period, he moved in with the ‘growers’ from Eastern Europe from where he filmed his YouTube show. When I asked him what he was living on whilst the crop grew, he said he borrowed £10,000 from his mother, which he claimed he paid back from the first harvest.’

‘ He then started talking about moving to Dubai with the Eastern Europeans. Eventually, I understand the Spanish landlords he had defrauded were catching up with him, and he headed home to his mum whilst the Eastern Europeans headed to Dubai.’

Brown had returned to Merthyr Tydfil briefly, residing with his parents and continuing his YouTube show, where he again found himself in trouble announcing false claims. On one occasion, he fell foul of Wales Football Captain Aaron Ramsey. Brown had claimed the Welsh hero and superstar had been arrested in Scotland with bags of drugs in his car whilst playing for Rangers; ironically, previously to that, Brown had made false claims on his YouTube show he had been involved in the sale of Ramsey from Cardiff City to Arsenal, which was proven unfounded. Brown had never worked in the football industry.

Whilst he continued with his ‘show,’ Brown found himself In a police investigation after calling young viewers by telephone in the early hours of the morning, abusing minors with learning difficulties.

He took employment at the Park Plaza hotel in Cardiff to make ends meet until he was fired yet again, this time for claiming he had a bad back, whilst, in reality, he was travelling to Dubai by invitation from his Eastern European counterparts who were now living in the state of Dubai.

Shortly after, Brown told viewers of his show he was moving to Dubai for a new life; it wasn’t long until he was boasting of his constant drug use and activities with Russian hookers.

Meanwhile, viewers and social media users couldn’t understand how he went from Wales penniless to such a lavish lifestyle in such a short period.

Brown filmed himself taking trips to the likes of Turkey, where he claimed he was there for a ‘nose job’ and plastic surgery, although it’s apparent the surgery never took place. He was also visiting London and Eastern European countries before always returning to Dubai thereafter, gloating about his lavish lifestyle on YouTube.

Finally, he broadcast in tears how his adopted father had prostate cancer; he returned home to visit his father before flying back to Dubai.  He was then arrested by the authorities and not heard from since, whilst it was revealed he had been arrested and imprisoned for drug charges.

Now, 17 months later, Brown has resurfaced in the UK after admitting he’s been deported whilst claiming he was found not guilty.

Although mystery surrounds the claims by Brown, and are looking forward to seeing some evidence to back up his claims.

The first mysterious part is the question of if he was found not guilty, why was he deported?  Brown, on social media, claims it’s ‘ just the way they do it there.’  whilst the country law states:

Decree-Law No. 7 of 2016 provides that a foreigner, who is sentenced for a felony by a custodial punishment or for crimes involving sexual assault, shall be deported from the State. In other misdemeanours, the court may order that he must be expelled from the country or that the expulsion be as an alternative penalty to the custodial punishment

Residents in Wales and viewers of his YouTube show are doubting Brown’s words based on him being deported when innocent, while others think he made a deal with the authorities for a lesser sentence as the law describes.

As previously reported, Dubian law enforcement is strengthening its alliance against the notorious Kinahan crime syndicate with the Kinahan group, operating partly from Dubai, which was recently implicated in Ireland’s largest-ever cocaine haul near Co Cork’s coast recently.

One told Global247news: ‘ I believe he was a very small player, just a mule, he’s not the most intelligent lad, he’s also no tough guy either, he’s a big softie really, he would have been facing 30 years or a death sentence over there for smuggling, I reckon he’s done a deal for information as the police go after the big guys.

‘ He would have been shitting himself with the thought of a long sentence over there, that’s for sure – his version of events will be interesting, mind, although I want to see some actual proof he was found not guilty too, why would you get deported if totally innocent? ‘ he questioned.

Another, an old school friend, told how he knows Brown well and gave his thoughts.

‘ Adam is Adam, he’s had a very strange life, has a very large chip on his shoulder, for sure, it all stems from his childhood.

‘He was born in Spain and given up by his original Spanish parents as a baby due to deformities, such as one ear bigger than the other and a speech impediment. Then he claims his first adopted father died whilst they sat together on the sofa when he was a young child; he was then further adopted by Mike and Pam.

‘As a child, he always craved attention and has done so throughout adulthood, too, he craves the limelight, which has often got him into trouble.

‘ To strive for the limelight, he will often, basically lie, so you have to take everything with a pinch of salt; he will lie and exaggerate constantly, as many have seen over the years, again getting him in hot water. He’s always wanted to be successful, a face. He tried it with politics, etc, but even he made a complete hash of that. All his business ventures failed and ended up bust as he strived ‘to be someone.’

‘ YouTube again gave him that opportunity, though he lied on nearly every show, and people exposed him for telling impressionable kids lie after lie; the really sad thing is, he’s deep down a caring lad, but all the other points go against that. I think he needs medical help; otherwise, his life will continue to spiral , I don’t know what he’s going to do next, he’s nearing 50, unemployable with a terrible reputation, penniless and living back home with his mum. It’s a shame, really, but it doesn’t look like he will ever change; he’s come straight out of prison and started craving the attention already. The fact is nobody really cares about him apart from his mother; no doubt he will soon say in his version what happened, but the hard bit is knowing what is actually the truth.’

A doctor who has been studying Brown told Global247news:

‘Whilst I have never met him, I’ve watched and studied his behaviour patterns; it’s my belief Adam has a  histrionic personality disorder, commonly known as a dramatic personality disorder, which is a psychiatric disorder distinguished by a pattern of exaggerated emotionality and attention-seeking behaviours. A histrionic personality disorder is categorized within the “Cluster B” of personality disorders.’

Soon, Brown is set to take to YouTube for his version of events of how he obtained the attention of the police authorities in Dubai and ended up in prison for 17 months before being deported.