The Yeovil Press, as well as the Ilminster Press, are to be dumped by Tesco.

Supermarket giant Tesco is taking the lead against Steven Sowden’s free newspaper publications, the Yeovil and Ilminster Press.

The action comes after local revelations of the newspaper owner and editor Steven Sowden harassing young women online with perverted messages whilst begging for sex and explicitly describing what he would like to do to them sexually.

Now, the supermarket giant has taken the lead by stopping the distribution from its stores in light of the revelations and complaints to the police regarding Sowden.

One Image Sowden Sent Whilst Lusting For Sex

A spokesperson at Tesco HQ  at   Welwyn Garden City told Global247news: ‘ We have read the messages sent by the Yeovil and Ilminster Press owner to young women.

‘We do not wish our brand to be associated in any way; we have been a family business since the original owner was selling tea on the markets.

‘ We allow distribution of free titles across the UK at baskets at the end of tills – although, in this instance, it’s no longer acceptable.

Meanwhile, in the Somerset Town, former readers no longer want any association with the title.

‘I don’t think it will get published again now all this has come out about his sexual behaviour towards women. Of course, its revenue comes from advertisers, but who wants to advertise with a perverted man hitting on strangers?

‘If I see it about though – I will sling it in the bin. The man’s lost all face in this town, and even at the football last night, Yeovil fans were singing about him.


One Of Sowden’s Messages Of Many