One Million Bucks Drops From Helicopter In Cash Giveaway

A famous influencer, actor and TV presenter Kamil Bartoshek got hold of $1 million in $1 bills (around €920,000) and placed them all into a locked container, saying that anyone who watched his latest movie One Man Show and could decipher a clue to the combination on the lock could have the money.

Although more than 290,000 people reportedly viewed the film, there was no winner, and he then had to think about how to distribute the money.

There was a suggestion that it should go to charity, but this wasn’t as media-friendly as he wanted, although he arranged for each banknote to have a QR code stuck on it with details of worthy charities.

So, what he did was contact 100,000 followers and give them a clue of where to be at a particular time and a specific day where they could be in for a significant bit of good luck and reportedly, 4,000 people turned up at the appointed spot (as well as police and paramedics). There was much anticipation as the time drew nearer. Then, those present heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance, which eventually came into view carrying the container underneath.

At the given time, over a field in the town of Lis, a trap door opened in the container, and the million dollars fluttered down to the ground with people using shopping bags and even opened umbrellas to collect the cash.

In the event, Kamil Bartoshek got worldwide coverage, 4,000 people got some extra money, and his film became one of the most watched in the Czech Republic.

There were no reports of anyone being injured in the rush, nor whether the officers on duty to keep everyone safe managed to sneak a few dollars for themselves.