Yeovil Press Steve Sowden In Sex Scandal

Steve Sowden, the owner and editor of the newspaper known as Yeovil Press, and another title, Ilminster Press, is currently involved in a sex scandal.

Revelations have been made of his explicit messages to young women over the internet as he begs for sex, stating he has a partner but does not have a sex life.

It’s also alleged one offence is so delicate it’s in the hands of the police due to the age of the victim.

A resident in Yeovil, Somerset, revealed in late September:

“A female friend of mine attended a charity event Saturday. The reporter took her picture and contact details and said he was doing an article; well, I just read the perverted abuse she has gone through tonight. This man needs to be stopped  to protect the women and possibly children out there who dread to think what images he has on his hard drive or has taken at events around the area where women and children think they are getting their picture taken to go in the Ilminster press or Yeovil press newspapers he owns so any advertising in them is funding nonce nonces like this need taking off the streets, please get this shared around the county so people are aware.”

Following the first reporting, the resident then claims two more victims have come forward, stating:

“Had two more females come forward victims of Steve Sowden one I can’t discuss as it’s a bit more than messaging

The police have been made aware, and the case is ongoing

This man lives at 19 *** ****** Yeovil better to be aware of a nonce on your doorstep

You can keep your family safe from him if you live local.”

The actions of the newspaper owner and editor have shocked the region of Somerset, especially considering he had been awarded as a community champion by the local chambers of commerce whilst working with many prolific businesses and services through his titles.

A resident who had seen the explicit messages on social media told Global247news:

“ I couldn’t believe my reading; his public profile has changed. To think he advertises respectable businesses like funeral directors, etc, in his papers is quite unthinkable now. He’s perverted and sex-starved by reading that”

It’s understood that since the revelations, more victims are coming forward, and the Avon & Somerset police are investigating the journalist’s actions.

Sowden is well known amongst Yeovil Town Football Club supporters, having followed and written about the club over many years, as well as promoting them in his publications.

A fan said: “ I am outraged, and he needs to be banned from the club straight away; the club needs no association with someone like this, and I feel Yeovil Town FC need to make a public statement stating so.”

Meanwhile Steve Sowden has removed his profiles from social media, where he’s normally prominent.

WARNING: EXPLICT CONTENT BELOW – do not read if offended by some of Sowden’s perverted messages below. 

Some messages were too explicit for publication